Biolife Enterprises Nutraceuticals INTRODUCTION :

Biolife Enterprises Nutraceuticals is one of the largest growing national nutraceutical companies in Pakistan. It has been working in Pakistan since 2012. It has a dedicated team of experienced professionals working not only to meet the expectations of the customers but consistently delivering beyond expectations.

Biolife Enterprises Nutraceuticals is committed to producing quality products by strict compliance to cGMP, by application of WHO guidelines and ISO 9001:2015 in all aspects of manufacturing of their products.

Biolife Enterprises Nutraceuticals have a strong commitment to delivering quality products at affordable prices and continuously improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

The key reasons for “BIO LIFE ENTERPRISES NUTRACEUTICALS” success include recognition of our employees as our prime resource. We putting continuous emphasis on their training and development for enhancement of their professional skills. Strong work discipline, mutual trust, close teamwork, professionalism. We are continuous try to improve quality.

We are confident that “BIOLIFE ENTERPRISES NUTRACEUTICALS” will continue to grow and move forward.


BIOLIFE Enterprises Nutraceuticals provides exceptional customers services for high-quality nutritional supplements to our valued customers. To be a socially responsible partner for the communities, we serve by embracing values based on Discipline and integrity.


Our vision is to be a leading Nutraceutical or Pakistan Best #1 Supplement company as the leading and most admired life – sciences in Pakistan and a significant global player by providing innovative and cost-effective products at affordable prices.


Our marketing force consists of over 100 representatives and managers covering various territories of Pakistan. With a consistent prescription & growth rate for our promoted products. We provide a solid platform for creating and establishing brands in the Pakistani market.


The buzz words for a successful franchise include resource optimization, effective time management, and profitable returns on investments. We give the franchisee the ability to get going in a short time. What’s more, franchisees do not need to invest their time in the management of the complex cycle of literature development, product manufacturing, formulation and conception, and other logistical and legal formalities.


We offer franchise opportunities for a long period of time. This results in many operational efficiencies; the ensuing cost benefits are directly passed on to the franchisee. In addition, the net prices will be extremely competitive because the total sale of a product is very high in unit-wise production.


We have a large range of products in our portfolio. This offers our franchisees a wide array of options while catering to market needs. In addition, we are on an expansion spree and want to replenish our product portfolio. This gives franchisees access to a new and exciting product range.


We ensure that our Franchisee will stay tension-free from the rules and regulations of DRAP, such as From-6, product Dossiers, Form-7, Trade Mark, Copy Right & Warranty, etc.


Iftikhar Ahmad
CEO Biolife Group of Companies

I have great pleasure and privilege to welcome you to Biolife Group of Companies. Being a CEO our commitment is to cater for a positive meaningful hardworking environment in the light of modern and holistic ideals, which will result in making creative, dynamic, innovative, problem solvers, critical thinkers, and inspired learners in order to face future challenges.

Apart from this, I am determined to have the progression of setting high expectations for our faculty, in particular, regarding their performances, and new discoveries. The mission of our group is to serve the needs of the community by providing a positive environment equipped with advanced facilities and a competent team.



Pakistan Best #1 Supplement Brand